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2020 Monarch Seafoam Studio Edition by Chihuly Studios


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Monarch Seaform Studio Edition


“Chihuly devises a technical means to replicate not a visual source itself but its gestural equivalent in glass.” – Linda Norden, Dale Chihuly: Glass


As Dale Chihuly continued to explore the Basket series, he increasingly gained more control over the glass and its response to breath, heat, gravity, and gestural manipulation. Over time, he experimented with the use of an optical mold to introduce a textural ribbed effect that also strengthened the glass form. These undulating, organic forms conjured abstract sea life; thus Chihuly’s Seaform series was born.


The two-piece 2020 Monarch Seaform Studio Edition illustrates the wavelike motion of the series’ quixotically abstract forms. Each golden-orange element is grazed by a lapis-blue lip wrap and shows one of two variations of a sienna-colored body wrap. The larger, exterior element presents Chihuly’s traditional wrap while the interior form reveals a distinctly staccato wrap. Together, the elements narrate an asymmetrical yet eloquent balance.


Edition Size:  200

Release date:  4/1/20

Approximate dimensions:  7” H x 11” W x 7-6” D