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Mandarin Orange Basket Studio Edition by Dale Chihuly


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 “His glass ‘Baskets’ were shown in groups, stacked one inside the other. They became an environment into which an audience might be drawn, within which, if succumbed to, there was the power to alter consciousness.”

--Jennifer Hawkins Opie


Dale Chihuly’s approach to glassblowing—allowing glass to find its own form by using only breath, fire, and centrifugal force—may best be demonstrated in his exquisitely organic series Baskets. Intrigued by the relationship between form and color, Chihuly has further explored the series through intimate groupings of the malleable and misshapen forms. These contemplative studies, first exhibited in 1977 at the Seattle Art Museum, have since gone on to inform many of Chihuly’s iconic series.


The 2019 Mandarin Orange Basket Studio Edition embodies Chihuly’s visionary dialogue of form, color, and space. Vibrant orange elements combine to create a dynamic microcosm. Beginning at the top of each element, a saturation of deep orange gracefully transitions to transparency, juxtaposing the composition’s substance and ethereal quality. A teal green lip winds and wraps along its contours, further articulating its physicality.


Signed by the artist

Edition of 150

Approximately 6-1/2” H x 10” W x 10-1/2” D

Accompanied by a 12” x 12” acrylic display vitrine and a copy of Chihuly: On Fire.

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