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Edie Harper Coloring Book


Our Price: $ 7.95

Soft cover book with staple binding.

48 pages with 20 images to color

Size: 8½ x 11 in.

Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed.

Edie Harper (American, 1922–2010) is best known as a painter, photographer, and illustrator, although she also created jewelry, enamels, sculpture, silkscreen prints, and weavings. Harper expressed her sense of humor through her artworks, and the titles she gave them sometimes poked fun at her subjects. She also was very good at reducing images to their essential forms; her paintings often are made up of simple geometrical shapes, including rectangles, lines of different weight, triangles, circles, and crescents. Harper loved cats and, as you will see, she made many paintings of them, but she applied her playful, simplified style to other subjects as well.

We’ve selected twenty of Edie Harper’s paintings for this coloring book; they are printed on the inside front and back covers so you can see her original color schemes. You might want to imitate Harper’s colors or you might choose entirely different ones. The last three pages of the book are blank so you can draw and color your own pictures. Maybe you can use geometrical shapes to create portraits of your own favorite pets.
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